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About Creative2Slice

As a leading company in Web designing solutions, Creative2Slice started in 2007 with a handful of web designers and web development programmers. With the gradual trust building and addition of clients, the company is now a full fledged web designing company with expertise in PSD to XHTML conversions, we create cross browser compatible web designs from Photoshop web designs. Primarily we have a client base in India and across the world and we deal in any kind of web design for any website.

It is the professional web designers and developers that are the real assets of Creative2Slice and it is on the basis of the skills and know how of the employees that the company is able to climb to newer pedestals of success. Also, it is with the expertise of our web developers that we are able to ascertain quality PSD to XHTML outputs.

Our Work Process

The PSD to XHTML work process is very simple. First Step includes you mailing the design in PSD or other supported file format to us. Second Step includes payment and placing of the order and third Step includes the delivery of the code by us. Thus, this three step PSD to XHTML process is not only hassle-free but is fast and we offer the minimum turnaround time. Our Work process also ensures that you get the website design at the earliest to the maximum satisfaction. For this, we make sure that you get the best web design that is compatible with all the browsers.

Our Goal

At, we have one goal to achieve – Customer Satisfaction. Besides, we also think that we produce the most awesome web design from PSD. For this, we have grilled the principles and practices of PSD to XHTML deep into our brains to bring in the fully functional and mesmerizing web designs. Also, it is not the case that we will not be there to support after the delivery of the Code as we will be there for any further queries. Next we aim at giving the web some of the most attractive web designs that are not only masterpieces in themselves but are fully functional and pleasing to the eye.

Our Achievement

Relentless effort to achieve quality in converting PSD to XHTML code has pushed to newer heights of success. We are thankful to our clients who have assigned us the projects to convert PSD to XHTML. Our latest achievements in web designing includes projects that include PSD to HTML, PSD to Web design, PSD to blog, PSD to CSS3, PSD to WordPress, Joomla, PSD to Ecommerce, Magento, Shopify etc conversion. In addition to this, we also undertake projects of dedicated web designing by creating niche websites for our clients exactly as per their needs incorporating the theme and needed functionality.

100 % Satisfaction banks on building trust and for this, we ensure that client web design needs are fulfilled to the maximum possible extent. Besides, we also make sure the clients get all the necessary help even after the delivery of the code and proper assistance is provided to them so as to build mutual faith in us. We also assist the client in arriving at the perfect web design to that extent that the client is satisfied and says that yes I’ve got the best PSD to XHTML. In addition to this, we also make sure that the client website looks as pleasing as it is in the design the client has provided to us.


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